Davide Lista

Hello, my name is Davide, welcome to my website.

Let me introduce myself: I study Computer Engineering at the Politecnico in Milan.
I am fascinated by all aspects of this subject, especially software development and cyber security, which I would like to explore during the Master’s Degree.
My interests include way more than just IT: I am an art enthusiast, in particular of classical music (I love playing the piano and the guitar) and theatre.

You can find my social profiles below, or get to know me better through the menu on the side.



Bachelor’s degree student at Polytechnic of Milan with advanced classes about design and development of Web Applications, administrative software and databases, development of automation systems, architecture of computers and embedded system languages.

October 2015 - Now

Scientific High School NERVI-FERRARI, MORBEGNO (SO).

Nervi-Ferrari, Morbegno (SO).

School-leaving certificate awarded by the Scientific High School Nervi-Ferrari, Morbegno (SO).

September 2010 - July 2015

Conservatory "G. Donizzetti", Bergamo (BG)

G. Donizetti, Bergamo (BG)

Classical guitar course at the conservatory “Gaetano Donizetti” in Bergamo (BG), with additional advanced classes in music theory and choir singing.

September 2013 - June 2014



Internship at Cefriel (Milan), focused on development and maintenance of a Web Application, integrated with softwares including Moodle, Power BI and Power App.

August 2018 - Jenuary 2020


Collaboration on the development of websites and information systems, technical consulting on software development and implementation of web-based projects on CMS.

March 2017 - September 2018

Stage in Web Development

Workshop at IPlus Service in Morbegno (SO), focused on Web Application and information systems development using PHP/MySQL.

August 2016 - August 2016


Workshop at luthier Renato Barone’s atelier, focused on wave and material physics and wood manufacturing.

July 2014 - July 2014



Adrenaline is a shooting board game made by Cranio Creations s.r.l.. the project (where the students were divided in groups of three) consisted in the development of the computer version of the game, using Java.

We developed the project (based on the MVC pattern) paying special attention to design patterns, choosing and implementing the best one for every case.

Turing Machine

As a project during the “Algorithms and fundamentals of computer science” class, I had to implement a non-deterministic, one-tape Turing Machine, using the standard C language.

Manhattan distance

For the “Logic and Computer Design Fundamentals” class, together with a colleague, I had to develop a program using the VHDL language.

The project consists in the implementation of an HW component that, once given the coordinates of N points called “centroids” and part of a two-dimensional space (256x256), is able to determine which of the centroids is the closest to a specific point in that space.

I Conturbanti

The theatre group “I Conturbanti” was founded by five teenager theatre enthusiasts. Born in 2015, the company collaborated for three years on the project “Fisco Scuola” with the tax office in Morbegno, which led up to the staging of a self-produced show in 2016, aiming to raise awareness of community duties among the younger generations.


dyblab.com was founded in 2017 by two Computer Engineering students at Politecnico di Milano, both willing to put into practice through occasional jobs the skills learned at the university and to start moving their first steps in the labour market.

It is mainly intended for the development of Web Application, although it is not confined to a single field but it is open to any project.

Predictive Maintenance

The aim of the Predictive maintenance system is to reduce operating stops caused by machinery maintenance in any industrial context.

The system consists in developing a Web Application in React.js and Node.js based on a Machine Learning Algorithm. The Algorithm receives and analyses data produced by the machinery (more or less 4GB/day) and identifies variations in the standard behaviour, in order to prevent possible damage of these machinery, which would result in a down of the production system.


Programming languages

Consolidated knowledge
  • C
  • Java
  • SQL
  • Python
  • VHDL
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • React
  • Assembly
  • Wordpress
  • Moodle
  • Power BI
  • Power App
  • Matlab
  • WxMaxima


Dual boot
  • Ubuntu
  • Windows